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Comprehensive Application Testing Services

Application Testing

Poor software quality results in customer dissatisfaction and higher maintenance costs. Plus, enterprises must also address regulatory mandates and compliance requirements. Independent third-party verification and validation services is an effective approach for assuring high quality. Technosoft has a highly skilled and experienced team of application testers. We have developed sophisticated testing automation to improve our quality, speed and efficiency.


Technosoft’s verification and validation services are mapped to the stages in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and improve application speed, industrial strength, scalability, reliability and efficiency.

Product Testing

  • System testing that includes requirements mapping, usability and standards compliance, test coverage, defects tracking, test automation and documentation
  • Regression testing for version upgrades
  • Continuous integration testing
  • Migration testing covering system software (operating system, browser), platforms (database, operating system), data migration, product upgrade
  • Localization testing of symbol, language and content
  • Re-engineered product testing
  • Compatibility testing

Mobile Application Testing

    • Device compatibility testing
    • Security and performance

Testing As Service

      • Test strategy advisory
      • Test process advisory
      • Building CoE and Test labs
      • Full life-cycle testing

Cloud Testing

        • Test lab on the cloud
        • Application load testing

Test Automation

          • Test automation architecture design
          • Design and implementation of automation frameworks
          • Test case automation
          • Test tool evaluation and selection
          • Manual to automated conversion

Technosoft Can Help

The underlying philosophy of our IVV services is to reduce bug debts and increase value assurance. Which is driven through a proactive and preventive approach to detect bugs early in the lifecycle and thereby reduce bug debts. Our services help:

  • Reduce investments needed due to higher maintenance costs
  • Improve adoption of the developed application
  • Reduce the chances of non usability of the application – occurs when critical functionalities are missed out
  • Address performance challenges thus ensuring scalability