Business Process Management

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Technology Driven Resources

Our integrated services offerings go beyond possible and deliver excellence to increase competitive advantage. Technosoft has unified expertise of business process management, data driven analytical intelligence enabled through healthcare information technology spanning across providers, payors (commercial, private and blue plans), and public healthcare organizations. Our rapid automation tools reduce repetitive tasks with rule-based decision making to support 24/7 operations which helps to enhance cost savings, operational flexibility, compliance and security for healthcare organizations.

Visit Technosoft’s healthcare division, ApexonHealth, to learn more about our business process management capabilities and innovations.

Revenue Cycle Solutions

Our integrated practice and revenue cycle management (RCM) services provide efficient, comprehensive and reliable solutions to enhance cash flow by speeding up claim submission and reducing collection time. Hospitals, medical practices, and healthcare systems will benefit from our cost-effective solutions to billing and revenue collection problems.

  • With experience handling over 30 practice management systems and over 2200+ dedicated professionals, we are one stop shop for all revenue cycle management needs. By providing higher accuracy with machine learning and computer-assisted coding, our services improvise clinical documentation and perform deficiency reporting with a review of codes and chart audits.
  • Our proprietary workflow and process automation solution automates the receipt processing and posting of all RCM paper documents, including charges, demographics, insurance payments, patient payments, and correspondence.

Healthcare Analytics Solutions

We leverage robust analytics for the entire revenue lifecycle to identify revenue bottlenecks and manage reimbursement trends providing quality patient care.

  • SensER – ED Dashboard reporting, analytics, and actionable intelligence
  • Predictive Claims Scoring – Revenue Optimization tool
  • Provider RPA Provider BI Dashboard Analytics
  • Provider BI Dashboard Analytics & Data science

Provider Data Management

Our Provider Data Management Systems (PDMS) is a comprehensive solution for healthcare provider data quality requirements. Our automated provider management workflow process significantly improves data quality and process efficiency. Our solutions delivers broad functionality including:

  • Provider outreach, data cleansing, and aggregation: In depth review of existing information in order to create, maintain and accommodate continuous changes in data directories like demographics, addresses etc.
  • Align contracts, fee schedules with the data and claims pricing
  • Credentialing and recruitment management
  • Modeling contracts and reimbursements
  • Automated provider databases with a ‘Smart Data Capture Tool’ which helps automating credentialing, contract loading and maintenance, provider updates and changes
  • Network analysis and compliance requirements
  • Increase interoperability across systems

Claims Administration & Management

Our membership management solutions provide enrollment, eligibility, premiums, and policy maintenance services. Our claim audit services blend data mining processes with prescriptive and prospective reviews to deliver top quality payment accuracy assessments. Our unique workflow system facilitates pre and post pay audits which automates and identifies errors, while enhancing productivity and effectiveness of claims units. We utilize statistical analysis and proprietary algorithms such as custom predictive models as well as develop clustering models, anomaly detection models and machine learning integration.

Medicare Advantage Offerings

Healthcare Information Technology, Application Support, Analytics, Healthcare Insurance Exchange, Wellness Automation, Membership Management, Claims Management, Un-Insured Application Integration, IT infrastructure, Mobility and Information technology allied services, and Social Security Office Support with Health Insurance Exchanges.