Intelligent Chatbot Assistant

Supporting Employees During COVID-19

A key challenge during the COVID-19 crisis is keeping employees informed about the pandemic and its effect on their work situation. Employees now working from home have many questions about their work situation including timeframes, duration, changes to company process, where to get support, and where to get reliable information on COVID-19.

To address this critical need, Technosoft’s Data Science Team developed a way to deliver vital information to our employees through an Intelligent Digital Assistant. This chatbot engages employees via text of voice. Driven by AI technology, the chatbot engages employees on company policies, provides contact information, and delivers live information on COVID-19 from trusted sources. Working around the clock, our Data Science Team conceptualized and launched this technology within several days. #MarketSpeed

COVID-19 Employee Chatbot Demo

How can Technosoft help your company during the COVID-19 crisis?