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“The cloud services companies of all sizes. The cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a democracy.” – Marc Benioff

Cloud Computing has become a critical aspect of the businesses worldwide by reducing the costs associated with IT transformations. At Technosoft, we will help you leverage the full potential of cloud through our plethora of competencies in AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Oracle cloud and Pivotal.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Migration

Technosoft has deep expertise with developing, migrating and managing cloud environments. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner for Cloud Platform and have extensive experience with Azure. Technosoft also has strong expertise with Amazon Web Services and other public and private cloud technologies. Whether you are planning a full or partial cloud migration, Technosoft has the resources and experience to ensure that your project is seamless and within budget.


Are you concerned about the time and resources required for deploying your application to the Cloud? Technosoft uses agile based methodologies and frameworks, coupled with latest DevOps tools.  We can help you implement complex applications in a short timeframe.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Finding the right backup solution for your data can be quite challenging. Technosoft has designed customized backup and storage solutions for mission-critical applications and databases. We can help you leverage the compelling cost benefits of cloud-based disaster recovery while ensuring the most reliable backup and recovery environment.

Performance Optimization

Already in the cloud but not sure if your servers and processes are performing at their best? Being in the cloud doesn’t automatically guarantee that your resources are working to their full potential. We perform a detailed study of your server and application architecture, identify the critical bottlenecks, monitor the code, and make suitable changes to ensure that you utilize the full potential of your cloud environment.

Cost Optimization

Technosoft has the skill and experience to ensure that your cloud projects deliver the projected cost savings. We perform complete audits of servers and processes and identify areas for optimization.

Managed Services

Technosoft understands that companies realize the full potential of the cloud when they don’t have to worry about how their applications and infrastructures are performing every minute of the day. With extensive experience, skilled resources and expertise at our disposal, we can help you off-load the overhead related to operations, compliance, governance, and security of your cloud infrastructure.