Cyber Security

Cyber attackers go after the path of least resistance to obtain company and personal information. Enterprises have spent billions of dollars securing the network at their organizations, but have yet to invest sufficiently in securing their applications. Companies can no longer ignore the application layer, as many high-profile breaches have been caused by vulnerabilities in applications.

Cyber Security

Secure First

Technosoft’s SecureFirst solution assists organizations to centrally store, manage, and share security vulnerabilities indentified during the secure SDLC. The solution has the ability to track any identifiable security issues, and provide detailed reports regarding any potential security threats.

Our Global Security Operations Center manages network security around the clock – 24/7. Our Global Security Team not only monitors network security, but also monitors the security of applications, along with end-point security. They offer clients detailed, customizable reports so you can see the full spectrum of potential security threats.


Application Security Testing

  • Perform Static Code Analysis and Assessment
  • Perform Dynamic Code Analysis and Assessment
  • Mobile Application Code Analysis and Assessment
  • Remediation Support and Risk Management

Manual Application Vulnerability Assessment

  • Perform Manual VA PT on Mobile and Web Applications
  • Published Remediation Report
  • Remediation Support and Risk Management

Application 'Architechture' Review

  • Perform Discovery Scan
  • Categorize Business Application
  • Perform Business Impact Analysis
  • Create Knowledge Base of Secure Architecture

Application Threat Modeling

  • Workshop on Application Threat Modeling
  • Application Threat Modeling Technical Report
  • Executive Summary Support
  • Next Steps: Recommendation and Consulting