Turning Information Into Strategic Advantage

What does your data tell you about your clients? How can you use your data to build your client base and lower costs? Today, Big Data can lead to huge profits and efficiencies — if analyzed and employed accurately and efficiently.

Technosoft is a premier provider of data science services, executing complex projects involving data warehouses and sophisticated business intelligence solutions. The Technosoft data science team has a proven track record of helping clients solve their most difficult data science challenges, including:

  • Storing large amounts of unstructured data
  • Implementing faster data access, storage and analysis
  • Real-time analysis of high volumes of data
  • Gaining actionable insights from analytics
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Advanced statistics
  • Data architects and data modelers
  • Extraction, Transformation, and
  • Loading (ETL) and business intelligence (BI) specialists
  • Data visualization specialists
  • ‘R’ and SAS developers

Data Warehouse

Our team has extensive experience in the design, implementation, enhancement and operation of data warehouses.

  • Partner with vendors and platforms, including Tableau®, Informatica, Oracle®, Microsoft® MicroStrategy, TIBCO Spotfire® and KPI Library.
  • Expertise in Open Source framework (HADOOP) for storage and processing of large-scale data volumes.
  • Develop custom logic for extraction, transformation, load and reporting, using programming languages such as Java, C, C++, C# and Visual Basic.
  • Reduce the processing time of ETL jobs from hours to minutes and reports from minutes to seconds.
  • Help clients select appropriate tool for their data warehouse and BI requirements.

Leveraging our Strong Technology and Process Framework

Data Analytics

Data Science

Business Process Management

Business Intelligence

Technosoft builds custom logic for extraction and reporting using various programming languages, including Java, C, VB, C++, C# and Perl. We create rich Internet applications using the latest technologies such as Ajax, Microsoft SilverlightTM and Adobe Flash. We also provide a map-based interface using Google and BING maps to display geographically distributed BI data.

Data Extraction

Data Extraction Technosoft creates data warehouses based on data that reside in relational and non-relational systems. We work with relational databases, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, Teradata, Netezza and any ODBC-Compliant data source. Non-relational data sources from which we extract data include flat files, XML files, Web, Free-Text, and Message Queues.

Data Transformation

Technosoft has strong competencies in data conversion. We quickly encode, filter, sort, aggregate and join data sets, and specialize in correcting data using parsing and lookup with standard data repositories. During this process, we employ features provided by the ETL tool or write custom logic using stored procedures or web services.

Reports and Dashboards

Our team works with clients to summarize data in meaningful, actionable reports and dashboards. We are skilled in the development of multi-dimensional reports that allow clients to slice and analyze data. Our expertise spans IBM® Cognos Analytics, Microsoft MicroStrategy, JasperReports, JReport, Oracle BI, SAP® Crystal Reports, and MS SQL Server Reporting Services.

At a Glance:

Technosoft Data Warehouse Expertise