Guaranteed Service Levels. Up to 40% Cost Reduction

When organizations are focused on building their core business, the last thing they need is the stress of managing their IT assets or the responsibility of maintaining a full-time, skilled IT staff. Fortunately, Technosoft’s remote infrastructure management (RIM) solutions help take the burden and high cost off client’s shoulders.

Our expert operations personnel and analytics-infused process help clients maximize the value of their IT investments while reducing costs by as much as 40%. We provide monitoring, managing, and securing of networks, servers, databases, and applications all day, every day. Our 24/7 support model helps global organizations become more competitive by reducing costs and downtime.


  • 830+ skilled resources in IT infrastructure management
  • Comprehensive technology management platform, including proprietary processes and tools
  • Root cause analysis (RCA) eliminates defects in
    IT infrastructure
  • Innovative vendors and alliances drive down costs, reduce defects and improve productivity
  • Easy-to-use self-service client portal for incident management visibility
  • Greater efficiency through automation, documentation controls, and streamlined processes
  • Outstanding operational performance driven by predictive analytics¬†
  • Intuitive live dashboards with enhanced visualization around client-specific metrics
  • Deep competence and experience with Microsoft platforms and technologies; 12+ year partnership with Microsoft product engineering group

Technosoft manages one of the largest SQL data
warehouses in the world


Proven Results

Technosoft delivers measurable ROI through IT Infrastructure engagements that are cost-effective, reliable, and highly efficient.